After art school I started out as a painter, with oil on canvas.

Later on, more and more my favorite artwork started to be making drawings.


On the basis of pencil I developed my personal style, with a growing mix of materials.

For my large drawings I use various materials, like ink, fineliner and cuttings from glossy magazines.

Other materials or techniques can also be seen in some drawings.

Recently I explored watercolor, as you can see on that page, and in the drawing 'Play" down below.

I even created my own 'braille' with perforated paper to make patterns of flowers.


Most of the time I start out with only a vague idea, just somewhere on the big paper, and let the drawing 'grow'.

Only when I'm finished, I understand  exactly what the drawing is telling me.


Drawing  'Hunting scene'  Inspired by travel in France 150x175 cn mixed materials


As I said on the homepage, nature is my first source of inspiration.

But perhaps you can also recognize the influence of the embroidered tapestries of the 17th century in my drawings.

I like heir harmonious, 'fairytale' quality and their overwhelming feeling of size and beauty.

The same feeling I get from nature.


But ironically, if you look a little closer, these tapestries are not only fairytales, and that goes for my work, too.

It is all in the details. For instance, the 'glossy' sensation of water running in a 'Hunting Scene' can turn into a sense of a crying earth. Or a barbed wire pattern to 'design' a poppy can pose the question of the essence of beauty.


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Drawing  'Tears of gold'  inspired by waterlily 'Victoria Amazonica"  150x200cm mixed materials.  Sold

Drawing ' one, two and three eyelet' Inspired by a children story. 150x200 cm mixed materials    Sold

 exhibition Haags museum Den Haag with drawing ' Atlas mountains'

 exhibition Fundatie Zwolle with drawing ' Tears of gold'   

Drawing  'I have got a passion, it is called peace'.  Inspired by Franz Bauer  150x200cm mixed materials

Drawing 'Last play"  inspired by travel in Black Forest  140x200 cm mixed materials

Drawing 'Hare with fallen tree' inspired by travel to Italy

size 150x170 cm     Sold

Solo Singel Amsterdam

Number of catalogs

Drawing without title.   Inspired by a travel to Iceland.    150x200 cm 

Drawing  without title.   Inspired by a walk trough the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.  150x175 cm mixed materials

Drawing 'Picnic' Inspired by a travel to Bali.    150x200cm