'Last play' Inspired by a travel in Black Forest size 200x140 cm.

The ' intelligent lockdown' because of Corona had one big advantage: I started to look closer at my studio garden.

The place I often call 'my paradise' is changing every day.

Some flowers, for example an iris, show their beauty very shortly and extreme colorful.

To capture that beauty, I started to use watercolor. It turned out the perfect medium.

I started out by intuitively choosing a flower and color and just let the water and paint find their way.

After some struggles with the material the results continue to surprise me.

For example, I really love this purple iris.

It shows me strength and same time vulnerably.


You can also commission a watercolor of your favorite flower by me.

Please send me an e-mail to enquire about the details and price.


Also you can follow on instagram #hennievandenbosch_art 


All flowers size  42x29,7 cm                                                                 




" I used to walk trough rural lanes' Inspired during  a stay at mountain Tibidabo size 200x140cm

Trees  'I fear our time is up 'inspired by visit Tibidabo mountain 

Trees ...inspired by a travel to Black Forest    size 75x110 cm

Trees inspired by travel to Black Forest             sold

Socieiteit Summer show 

Exhibition Arti et Amicitiae .... closed due Lock down

Corridor Herengracht