One day I created my 'Boschvogel'.

In daily life I get inspired, enthusiastic or confused, and express these moods in this little creature and even smaller friend' Pwiet'.

With or without text. It's all about the line. Boschvogel makes me smile and put's it all into perspective.

Perhaps this goes for you, too? The size off the most drawings are 14x21 cm. 

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Salon. sold 'vooruit kijken'

on exhibition down below

Order Birth gift for Lily

A personal gift  with the name of the newborn

Order Boschvogel sits in fig tree and hangs in plane tree 

Anthus decoration   Den Haag

                                                                                                                         Boschvogel Daisy   PRIVATE COLLECTION

                                                                                                                          Boschvogel "shake it" SOLD